Booth Rental

Booth Space Cost

Small Booth Space


plus 5% commission on all sales
Medium Booth Space


plus 5% commission on all sales
Large Booth Space


plus 5% commission on all sales


This Mall has been established to benefit all.  Therefore,
strict rules will be enforced to make this business a success for all

1. This is a month to month rental agreement.  All rents are due and payable on the last day before the next month begins.  If rent has not been paid by the close of the business on the last day of the month, it will be automatically deducted from your sales receipts.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to check on accounts.  Balances will be paid out on the 10th of the month after rent is paid.  If rent is delinquent after 30 days your merchandise will be sold to pay your booth rent and your rental agreement will be terminated.  P.A.A.M. reserves the right to terminate this agreement anytime rent is not paid.

2. We are not responsible for your merchandise.  P.A.A.M.  will operate a well lit, clean, secure mall.  We will do everything we can to protect your merchandise.  However, we cannot be held responsible for merchandise.  You are here at your own risk.  For the protection of all vendors, all products must be checked out before anything is taken out.

3. For your protection all sales must go through registers. No selling from the booths at any time.  Any items going out the door without a register receipt will be assumed stolen and will be dealt with accordingly.

4. Landlord shall not be liable for any personal injury to the Tenant or for any damage to the property of the Tenant irrespective of how such injury or damage may be caused, including but not limited to theft, fire, water damage, leakage, pests, mysterious disappearances, rodents, Acts of God, or Landlord’s active or passive acts or omissions or negligence or those of Landlord’s agents or Tenants of other booths.

5. Dealer is advised to insure his or her own merchandise.

6. The P.A.A.M reserves the right to approve or reject any items placed for sale within the store.

7. The store is responsible for collecting and paying Illinois sales tax to the state revenue department.

8. A 5% commission will be charged on all sales for credit card usage and advertisement.  This will be deducted from the previous month’s sales.

9. Firearms, fireworks, alcohol, drugs, loose lighters, pornographic materials, or illegal items are not allowed to be sold.

10. You are responsible for pricing your products.  No mark downs or percentage off tickets.  Do not mark down an item on the same ticket.  They must have a new ticket to be marked down.  Secure tags so they don’t get switched.  It is your responsibility and your money.  All items must be marked for the price you require. (For your protection, it is highly recommended that you write a brief description on each price tag.)  All tags must be removable so they can be returned to the vendor.

11. Knives, jewelry, and lighters must be kept in locked cases.

12. Do not put any faulty electronic merchandise in your booth to sell.  You must guarantee any electronic equipment you sell unless otherwise tagged.  Vendor will not sell any fraudulent or illegal merchandise or make misleading claims.

13. We require a 7 day written notice of vacating.  If you do not let us know by close of business on the last day of the month your rent will be automatically deducted from your sales receipts and will not be refunded.

14. If electrical use by the vendor is determined to be excessive by P.A.A.M, an additional charge will be applied to that vendor’s rent.

15. P.A.A.M. and the staff will do their best to present the store and your merchandise in a friendly, clean, and pleasant environment.  We can make no guarantees as to how successful your items will sell.  Success ultimately depends on your product itself and how well it is priced and displayed.

16. Management reserves the right to cancel this agreement at anytime with vendors who do not follow all the rules and established procedures

17. Notice of termination.   Any vendor who is disruptive, uses abusive language, or otherwise is a nuisance to other vendors will be asked to leave without benefit of a refund.

18. Anything attached to the walls must be approved.  Anything built into the walls must be left there if rent agreement is terminated.

19. Management may post new rules as needed.  These rules and regulations are for the benefit of all.